Protection for your finances if you are off work

If you’re forced to leave work, whatever the reason may be, money will inevitably become much tighter, even if you’re given something like sick pay to help you over a few weeks. This is something many people worry about, especially with the UK’s economy still struggling to get out of the doldrums.

Being out of work, especially if it’s not your fault, can be distressing, and not just because you’re left to compete with a huge number of people when the time comes for you to find another job. The lack of income can make it extremely difficult for you to even afford the basics, something I worry about in case I have an accident at work or a family health problem.

Having to care for an ill family member could be another reason why you have to leave your job, but in either case, pursuing a compensation claim could be a reasonable way to protect your finances. It might seem like an extreme move, but if someone’s to blame for your plight for whatever reason, you could be able to claim from them.

A friend of mine read a story online about how a couple whose son was diagnosed with an illness received substantial compensation after claiming because of a faulty vaccine. The money helped them to pay for basic living costs while they cared for their child, as neither of them could work in a full-time job.

As far as an accident at work is concerned, I found out that I could go online and visit the sites of law firms who specialise in helping clients to make claims against their negligent employers. When I worry about how to look after my family’s finances if laid off, I know who I can turn to for help it’s needed the most.

I created this post to inform readers of what I found a growing problem. I found a UK based company called who offer accident at work advice. I recommend you visit the following links if you wish to learn more on this :

To visit Citizens advice for information click here 

To visit First4lawyers accident at work page click here


Guest Post by David

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