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by Ambro

Working from home or part-time as a mum inevitably means you sometimes feel out of the loop. However, it is vital to stay in the loop when dealing with other businesses. It’s essential to find out all you can about a company before taking them on as a new supplier or business partner. Examining a company’s history can minimise any risks you may have to take and this is where financial search tools and websites can be highly useful. Likewise, as explained at, the companies also keep a data of you by performing background checks before hiring you. They do this by hiring services similar to the ones at this site, to help companies protect their brands by screening potential and current employees using publicly available online information.

There are several general checks you can perform with a few clicks of the mouse. Use resources like the Financial Times to review company profiles, any news and the latest on how they’re performing in the stock market. It’s always worth reading relevant journals and financial blogs to research the company, as well as keeping yourself up-to-date with the industry in general.

A service like Duedil can be really useful as it collates data from British and Irish companies in one place, showing you credit scores and investment, corporate structures and who’s in charge. Duedil allows you to search Companies House direct where you’ll find details of all registered limited companies. You can access a surprising amount of information for free on-site, while a £1 charge will allow you to download company files.

Information like this allows you to then scrutinise them yourself to make sure there are no hidden nasties before you get involved as the site clearly flags up any financial or health and safety transgressions, for example. Sometimes it also pays to keep your eye on the competition and you may wish to use the same services to give them the once-over.

With a modern, user-friendly interface, Duedil is also very straightforward and combines social elements akin to sites like LinkedIn that you will be familiar with, creating good networking opportunities for working parents and mumpreneurs.

Thorough research is always necessary in business but the internet has made data-checking quicker and easier than ever, even if you’re based at home. Most companies have to operate more transparently because of this so it makes sense to find out where to place your money and your trust.

This post has been supplied by Duedil, but I can genuinely say I’ve found their service really useful!

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