PR Tips: Ideas for Press Releases

January is a great time for planning your PR throughout the year. If you need some inspiration to come up with an angle for your press releases, we’ve compiled some of the things which you might want to include throughout the year:

  • Seasons – You can also tie in a press release with a holiday or special occasion. Could your business do something related to Valentines Day, Fathers Day or school holidays?
  • Charity work – Do not hide your light under a bushel if your business is making a donation to charity. A press release is a great way to let people know about community service, whether you offer training or apprenticeships to students or sponsor a local sports team.
  • New products – New services or products: focus on the benefits to your customers and the publication’s readers.
  • Achievements – Issue a press release when you or your employees are recognised for outstanding achievements or gain qualifications. Focus the release on how the award or qualification will help customers or clients.
  • Business launch – Launch of your business, or business expansion — of interest to local papers and trade and business publications. You could also mention the launch of a new or updated website.
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