Hobbies into business: Cooking

The finished result
The finished result

If you’re hot in the kitchen there are lots of ideas for your own business. Before you get out the pans, register with your local authority. You will have to meet hygiene standards: your local authority should be able to provide you with a ‘food safety management pack’, and will come round and inspect your premises periodically. See the Food Standards Agency booklet, “Starting up – your first steps to running a Catering Business”. If you love to cook but are in need of inspiration, how about:

  • Jams and pickles to sell at craft fairsordelicatessens
  • Birthday cakes
  • Catering forkids parties
  • Frozen home cooked meals fornew mumsortime-poorbusinesspeople
  • Ethnic specialities
  • Buffets and party platters of canapés


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