Book Review: Food for Health

Have you had health problems and wondered if different food might help? If so, read on and find out about my experiences of Food for Health: The Essential Guide.

Heart disease, mental health, diabetes, arthritis: this book takes a very different approach to many other ‘healthy eating’ books and is packed with tips relating to specific medical conditions. In the ‘Food for Thought’ chapter, for example, you can read about changing your diet to help PMS, understand more about chocolate (!) and serotonin and how foods can make you feel happy or tired. The book then goes on to look at depression, ADHD and autism, and Alzheimer’s, and that’s all in one chapter! Further chapters look at skin problems and digestive issues.

Beyond that, there is a section with weekly diet sheets and recipes. The book is relatively slim, but is packed with clear information. It would make a great starting point for anyone with one the medical conditions mentioned, and with the recipes and suggested diets would allow you to have a real try at seeing whether diet will help your health.
Food For Health: The Essential Guide costs around £8.99 at time of writing from Amazon, or you can buy it direct from Need2Know Books. 

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