Top tips for thrifty families

We’re all on a budget nowadays: I’ve yet to meet a single mum who finds the family budget stretches as far as she’d like. There are some inevitable costs in life: school shoes, the supermarket shop etc. Becky Goddard Hill of Baby Budgeting has come up with 100 great savings ideas in ‘100 Easy Ways to be a Thrifty Family‘.

Becky looks at ways to keep the kids entertained on a low budget. One tip is to call up the cinema and ask about special price showings. Our local Cineworld does Movies for Juniors with tickets for £1, which is an enormous saving on the usual cost.

Another great tip is to shop without the children. I reckon that taking your children is a bit like paying an extra tax – with three kids I’ve found myself with £20 extra of stuff that they have added to the basket. Three-way pestering means that I’ve usually given in too!

I think Becky’s book really comes into its own, though, in the section that are not just about cost cutting. She writes about gratitude and delaying gratification in the section on Feeling Good: it is easy to think we need to buy something to feel good, when we will feel better if we appreciate what we have and revel in the anticipation of a long awaited treat. And in ‘Thinking Differently’ she comes up with a list of ways that you can be prepared and prevent things from being spoiled, ruined or damaged, thus saving on replacements.

This book is a great read if you are feeling a bit down about your budget: you’ll get some inspirational quotes and help to feel positive again. 100 Easy Ways to be a Thrifty Family is on sale at £2.05 on Amazon at time of writing: and I think it is worth every penny: if you buy the book I suspect that you’ll save more than this by following any one of the tips.

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