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If you want to work for yourself, have you thought of training as a fitness instructor. Look fora course which enables you to join the Register of Exercise Professionals. Courses are run by Central YMCA Qualifications, Active IQ and the Keep Fit Association. If you have a fitness qualification already, fora few hundred pounds you can take a specialist training course, like those offered by Buggyfit or the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Instructors.

 Case study: Liz of

Liz Stuart trained as a fitness instructor when working in IT. She says, “It was a volatile time and I wanted something to fall back on if redundancy struck”. Liz’s foresight paid off when she was made redundant a few months before she was due to give birth. Liz says, “It came together well. I wanted time with my new baby, and knew I had a plan for flexible work when I wanted to start again”. Liz’s career took a new twist when she started doing some informal exercise in the park with other friends who had babies of a similar age. She saw there was a need for exercise that new mums could do without having to find and pay for expensive childcare. Liz called her classes Power Pramming. She started charging, and the classes grew and grew. Liz says to market your fitness center well to really attract customers. Liz now has another couple of instructors running classes across South London and plans for expansion.

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