Book Review: Start Your Dream Business

 Are you thinking of starting a business? In order to succeed, I think you need a mix of passion and practicality, and you’ll get just that in Start Your Dream Business: Secrets of Successful and Happy Entrepreneurs.

I was interviewed for this book by author Sarah Wade, and it is really interesting to read the stories of the other people that she has interviewed, from Christie, a new milliner who used to be a physiotherapist, to Chai, former doctor turned care home owner who retrained as a banker on his path to finding his dream business.

In additional to their personal story, each interviewee shares their ‘secrets of success’, and you also get to learn what they would have done differently. And each chapter mixes inspiring case studies with practical tips from coach Carole Ann Rice.

The book is a really good read, whether you are new to business or looking to find your dream and create new plans. Start Your Dream Business: Secrets of Successful and Happy Entrepreneurs is going to be published on 1st April and costs £11.69 on Amazon at time of writing or just £5.76 on Kindle

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