Start a service business: coaching and other ideas

You will probably have seen people offering their service as a life coach. This is a fast growing industry, and offers the potential for working flexibly over the phone from your home. The mentoring services for perth businesses help their clients work out and achieve goals in their career, relationships,or pretty much any area of life. Life Coaching isn’t regulated in the UK, so anyone can call themselves a life coach. Check out courses carefully, and see what former students say about them.

Other personal services you could train to offer include colour analysisorwardrobe decluttering. Or, you may feel inspired by astrologyortarot readings. Learn Direct has lots of information and contacts if you want to find out more about many careers.

Finding clients

For any of these self employed services, you will need to generate your own clients and the success of your business will depend on you getting people to pay foryour services.

Mark retrained as a coach after a career in music. He says, “I went back to university at the age of 34 to study history, but there is a surplus of both musicians and historians. I found out a bit about self development and coaching, saw how it worked for me, and decided to retrain, which took about six months. The course ran over five three day weekends, with lots of work in between. It was all practical and definitely helped me start to build my practice”.  Mark has one son and shares childcare with his ex. He says, “I negotiated childcare so I could retrain, and now what I do is flexible. I manage my time so I can go on holiday with my son. I do most of my work during the daytime, with occasional evening clients. I sometimes do 12 hour days, but can take off fora bike ride on other days which compensates”. It has taken a couple of years for Mark to build up the income from his coaching practice. He says, “I advertised in a range of magazines, some of which worked well. I now focus my coaching on men and fathers, and have found they tend to find me through the Yellow Pages rather than in magazines”. Mark has some advice for anyone thinking of retraining, “A course will give you a set of skills, but it won’t give you a business. Lots of people train as coaches, but don’t get beyond seeing a few clients. Make sure you think about what you need to develop a business as well as professional skills”.

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