Trampoline Safety Tips for Your Children

trampoline-Trampolines have recently become a garden essential for many families – we’ve just bought half a trampoline – the family next door have bought the other half. It is in our garden as we have a little more space, and it has been a great way to get the kids keen to play out again. And as the clocks go back and light nights roll in, they are a great way to keep your kids entertained outdoors.

But for many parents, trampoline safety is a worry. We’ve seen far too many news reports of kids (and adults) injuring themselves on trampolines, and we want to help you avoid injury and have fun this summer. A little bit of Garden Paving would help but to ensure your child stays safe, we’re taken a look at some key trampoline safety tips;

1      Safety Check
It’s been a cold winter and this can affect your trampoline. If your trampoline has been covered throughout the cold winter months or you have owned your trampoline for a long period of time, we suggest thoroughly checking and tightening the trampoline structure before your child takes their first jump of the summer.

2      High Safety Net
Ensure your trampoline has a high safety net to avoid any accidents or falls. TJ Hughes have a great range of affordable trampolines with high safety nets and also double padding to ensure your child stays safe and secure when playing.

3      Trampoline Location
Choosing where to locate your trampoline in your garden may not seem like a big decision, but this is key to ensuring the safety of your children. We suggest choosing a clear area of the garden, with soft ground underneath such as grass or bark chippings. We also suggest keeping a safe fall zone of around 2.5 metres around the trampoline, clear of any objects.

4      Supervision

Children should always be supervised by a Parent or Guardian while playing on the trampoline and this is one rule that should not be ignored. Supervising your children is key to keeping them safe and avoiding any unnecessary injuries.

5      Number of Children
We recommend only allowing one child on the trampoline at a time, but we understand that this will be difficult when your children have friends round to play. Multiple children bouncing can easily cause injuries and falls, so try and limit it to no more than 2 children on the trampoline at one time.

Disclosure: I didn’t get a trampoline for running these tips – I just thought they were useful!

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