Start your own business ideas: deliveries and errands

"Young Man Holding Cardboard Box" by stockimages
"Young Man Holding Cardboard Box" by stockimages
"Young Man Holding Cardboard Box" by stockimages
“Young Man Holding Cardboard Box” by stockimages

Could you wait in for deliveries or buy things for people who are too busy to get to the shops? If you have time on your hands but need money, link up with someone who is in the opposite situation and would gladly pay you by the hour to avoid taking time off work.

Promote your services to local companies with high flying executives and with postcards through the doors of expensive houses where the residents appear to be at work all day.

One note of caution: if you have small children, think about how you would combine this with an active toddler. Waiting for deliveries in someone’s home may be better if you have school age children. You could still offer to drop off and collect dry cleaning, go to the post office and similar errands.

You can also work for courier companies, who pay by the item for deliveries. Read how one woman does this:

Jane is mum to two teenagers and works as a secure document courier. She says, “I spend most of the day out on my bike, delivering items like new credit cards to people in the area I cover. I make an early start and collect the items to deliver that day at seven. This gives me a good chance of delivering most items, as I only get paid for successful deliveries”.

Jane works until around five pm, but if you only have school hours available you can ask for a smaller area. The job is flexible, and Jane enjoys the outdoor work. She continues, “I like being constantly on the go, I can eat as much as I like and still stay slim as I ride my bike all day. On the downside, if I’m sick, I don’t get paid, and I have to cover the cost of repairs to my bike. I get to know people in the local area quite well, but it can be lonely too. And if my company loses a contract, my income falls as there are fewer items to deliver”.


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