Dressing the Part: Style Tips for Interviews




Deciding what to wear on interview day is no small undertaking. It may be easy for men, as a smart suit will usually do the trick, but for women it’s easy to get lost in a veritable sea of styling options.


With interview day looming, we’ve put together these helpful style tips to ensure that you stand out from the competition and make the most of your opportunity.


Do your due diligence


In many industries, job interviews are no longer the stuffy affairs that they once were. The image of a long line of black-suited corporate drones filing in and out of the interview room is an outdated one. This change in interview etiquette has, however, created some uncertainty with regards to dress options.


The first thing that you must do in anticipation of your interview is your due diligence. If you know someone who works at the firm who’ll be interviewing you, or a company in the same field, quiz them on the organisation’s dress code. It’s imperative to try and demonstrate to your prospective employer that you would seamlessly fit into their organisational culture.


If in doubt, smart is best


If after enquiring with friends and current employees or researching online, you’re still a little uncertain regarding your prospective future employer’s dress code, then err on the side of caution.


A suit may be the obvious and traditional choice, but you’ll never be penalised for being too smart. If you are going for a suit, however, it’s important to make sure that it is well fitted. Cheap suits are dowdy, often poorly made, ill fitting and should be avoided at all costs.


Black is the obvious choice when it comes to colour, but you could make more of a statement about your personality by choosing a midnight blue, green, or navy colour. If they flatter your figure, subtle pinstripes can also be a great way to make your style that little bit more memorable.


The smart-casual look


While the suit is a classic choice, a growing number of companies are becoming increasingly relaxed with their dress code, which presents you with an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd and give an impression of your own, unique personality.


The least complicated means of making an impression, while adopting the smart-casual look, is to go for a simple blouse and skirt, or trouser, combination. A pair of dark trousers or a pencil skirt, either dark blue or black, is both slimming and understated, while a white blouse is a great way to give the impression that you are professional, but not stuffy.


In addition to your blouse and skirt, or trouser, combination, the addition of a jacket is an excellent means of adding a little personality. Women’s jackets come in a wide variety of styles, from plain to patterned. Beige or coral colours are great choices and are indicative of someone who has a modicum of creative energy.




When it comes to footwear, comfort should be your primary concern. Boots are a great complement to any below-the-knee pencil skirt, while ballet flats are always stylish, yet functional. If you’re intent on wearing heels, kitten heels can really help to complete your look.


The options for footwear are endless. The only hard and fast rule is that you should avoid excessively large heels, just as a means of avoiding any potentially embarrassing incidents.


Making yourself stand out


Accessories are your chance to really make yourself stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a pendant necklace, a stylish handbag, a stunning watch, or a pair of conversation-starting earrings, accessories are your opportunity to make an indelible mark in the mind of your interviewers. Be bold and be true to your style, but don’t overstep the mark and undo all your good work with something too outlandish.

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