Work at Home Business Ideas: Mystery Shopping

by photostock
by photostock

One more work from home opportunity is to become a market researcher for a mystery shopping company. You are self employed and the amount of work you get depends on your motivation and the amount of work each company has on. You can register with several at a time. You won’t make a fortune doing this, but will earn a few quid an hour, get travel expenses, and may enjoy some free meals. You may be asked to check certain details with a shop ororder something in particular, and you have to report on your findings. You need to have a reasonable memory. You may need a computer, as requests for shoppers are often sent out by email, and the first people to reply get the jobs. Your computer will also be needed so you can download and send reports. Not every opportunity is suitable if you have children with you.

Sarah has four small children and does mystery shopping for a couple of companies. She says, “I pick and choose the assignments I want. Most of them are local to me. Occasionally I pick one further afield for a day out. The good thing is that the children can often come with me. You have to be prepared to put the time in and note all the details then fill in the questionnaires after though, which can be time consuming”.

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