Create and sell your own product: having the idea

Image by Stuart Miles
Image by Stuart Miles

Many parents develop ingenious inventions. Some are inspired by a problem they have needed to solve themselves. Others get creative while appearing to be engaged with the children. It can be amazing what your brain comes up with while serving dinner or at bath time. This chapter tells you about how mums and dads got inspired, and the steps they took to get their idea on the market. 

If you would love to come up with an idea for your own product, this is one area where there is no straightforward solution. You just need inspiration to strike. Try looking at problems which need solving. It may be easiest if you start thinking about an issue you are familiar with. Talk to other people about how they solve the problem, and read up about the subject. You might be inspired when you read on to find out how other parents have got their businesses going.

Come back next week to learn about the next steps in you want to create and sell your own product. 

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