Setting Up Your Home Office

by graur codrin
by graur codrin

Working from home is a fantastic way to get your work done, in an environment you feel comfortable and an office that suits you and the business you are undertaking.

Being able to work from home allows great flexibility, and encourages a healthy balance between home life and work life. Before you start working from home, it is important to set your office up so that everything you need is already in place.

Space can be a huge problem when creating a home office. When you are trying to concentrate, the last thing you want is endless piles of clutter filling up your room. Here are some top tips on creating the perfect working space:

Make sure your office has a door

This may sound like an obvious one, but it is vital you find somewhere that can be kept quiet in order for you to focus. You also don’t want children running in and out when you trying to work. If you need to get some work done while the rest of the family are home, then having your door closed will signify that you are busy, and don’t want to be distracted. It also helps to close off your office space and define it from the rest of the house.

Carefully set up your work area

If you are working with a desk, then make sure it is big enough to fulfil your needs but not so large it dominates the room. Corner desk can be a great idea for making the best use of space, and drawers are useful for storage. Choose a chair that is comfortable and provides good support, ensuring it won’t make your back ache after a few hours; it also helps if you can adjust the height and tilt of the chair. Keep your monitor at eye level as it will prevent you from developing neck problems due to looking slightly up or down to complete your work.

Make an enjoyable space

It is important to take regular screen breaks when working on a computer. For every hour that you are working, you should have a short break where you focus your brain and eyes on something else. The best idea is to have a sofa somewhere in your office where you can curl up and read a book for 5 minutes or simply just stretch out on and rest your eyes for a few minutes. You can get some great two-seater sofas that would fit into a reasonably small office, or even some reasonably priced leather sofas that would be easier to clean if you are likely to get some small or furry visitors while you are having your breaks, there is a great range to choose from at


Make sure that your office is colourful and comfortable; you don’t want to be trying to work hard in a dull and uninspiring room. A few pictures and vases will go a long way to making you feel relaxed and focussed – a little luxury can make a huge difference.

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