Saving Money as a Business: Keeping your Energy Usage Low

Light bulbYou don’t have to make massive changes to make a big difference in the environment. Baby steps are often all that’s needed for a business to have a positive impact on both its overheads and the world we live in. By implementing some new changes and adopting new practices, a business can save energy, water, gas and electricity with consistency. Small and easy changes are often all a business needs to see an impact on its energy bill while also playing a role in making the world a better place.

While commercial gas from British Gas provides competitive price plans to suit your business needs, there are plenty of other ways in which you can help save money on your energy usage – many of these ways are completely free to implement; all they require is a little common sense and forward thinking. There is an easy switching process available if you find better quotes from different energy suppliers – take advantage of this while looking further into how you can keep your energy usage low. That way, the already competitive bill will be lower than you have seen before because of your positive changes in the workplace.

  •  Turn off equipment that isn’t being used. Make a concerted effort to switch electrical appliances off after the working day ends, or keep them in their power-saving modes.
  • Switch off lighting when not in use. Use timers to match office hours and make sure you only use lighting when necessary in unoccupied areas.
  • Try to stay paperless as much as possible to help prevent unnecessary use of paper products. Print double sided if you need to print; otherwise keep correspondence web-based.
  • If it’s your turn to make the tea, only boil the water that is necessary – don’t overfill the kettle.
  • Replace bulbs with energy saving alternatives, such as T8 strip lights instead of T12s.
  • Car pool with fellow colleagues to save money on fuel and also cut energy consumption.

Make your business an environmentally friendly place, encourage staff to participate by incorporating incentives and save money on your overheads, too.

This post is in association with British Gas

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