Kids’ disability equipment doesn’t have to be dull: new webshop launches today

Blossom for Children“Stuff” for children with additional needs is often grey or black, expensive or difficult, if not impossible, to find. Toys, walking aids or gloves for wheelchair use can be boring, pricey and the only choice is usually “take it or leave it”. It’s no fun for you or your child so consider looking into Disability Benefits Assistance for great way to be guided through this process.

Tree of Hope has decided to tackle this problem head-on. They are launching a new social enterprise, called BlossomForChildren, with a simple goal: finding affordable, colourful stuff for kids with additional needs. And, as a social enterprise, every spare penny made goes straight back to the parent charity, Tree of Hope.

Jeremy Marris, CEO of Tree of Hope said, “We are regularly in contact with families and are aware of how frustrating it can be to find affordable, colourful stuff for kids with additional needs. We just couldn’t let it go on any longer.”

Hippo pet AND blue tripods
In a recent online survey conducted by Tree of Hope, over 80% of parents who responded said they often or sometimes struggle to find appropriate or ‘child friendly’ items for their child. One parent said, “I am always looking for something different and not so big, bulky and different from normal children’s stuff.”  Another said, “We have become used to paying inflated costs just because they carry a special needs label much to our distaste”.

With the help of parents and experts, BlossomForChildren has searched the world to discover an exciting and exclusive range of awesome children’s toys, clothes, accessories and aids. It will stock Velcro belts, wheelchair gloves with polka dots, a wide range of unusual, clothes from the UK and much, much more.

Not only will BlossomForChildren offer fun products, like the wheelchair armrest in the shape of a duck, by adopting an innovative attitude to finding products, it will also be able to offer great value on its products. For instance, instead of buying children’s wheelchair gloves for around £30, only available in black and grey, it will offer wheelchair gloves with polka dots for £7.99.

Jeremy Marris says, “We are really pleased that we can help the families and friends of children with additional needs to find good quality, affordable and attractive ‘stuff’ to help make their lives brighter, nicer and easier.  We think that just because they’ve got an illness or disability they shouldn’t have to put up with ugly products designed for grown-ups.  We aim to offer

Flower wheelchair glo#9FD1F

products that are harder to find in the UK, at a price that’s fair, in a way that’s sustainable.”

To help gift givers with choosing presents for children, BlossomForChildren also offers gift vouchers and the option of setting up a gift list.

As a social enterprise, BlossomForChildren will be helping sick children in other ways too. Any profits that it makes from the sale of products will go to its parent charity, Tree of Hope. Tree of Hope offers hope to the families of sick children in the UK who need specialist medical surgery, treatment, therapy and equipment in order to free them from suffering, giving a better quality to their young lives. This means that any profits on these products will help pay for medical treatment and equipment for sick children.

Jeremy says, “Blossom is a “win-win” for all. Children get fun stuff. Parents save money. And the profits go straight to other sick children who really need our help. How great is that?”

BlossomForChildren is launched today at

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