How to Maximise Storage in your Child’s Bedroom

storage bedsChildren are forever leaving their toys all over the floor and their bedroom a mess, which means time wasted out of mum and dads day tidying up after them. If your child has a small room or shares with another sibling, the mess seems to be 10 times worse!  Luckily, due to the demand for versatile storage in the home for children, there are actually plenty of ways that you can make the most of any bedroom size, without breaking the bank – here are a few of our favourite storage ideas:

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture
If space is limited in your child’s bedroom then one way to really maximise the size of the room is through choosing multi-purpose furniture. Furniture that serves a number of purposes can be anything from beds that feature underneath drawers for storage or super versatile camp beds that also have pull out desks and chairs. It’s not essential the chairs have to be expensive as even a good looking cheap vanity chair can complete the look of the room. The benefit of multi-purpose children’s bedroom furniture is that it takes up less space than having separate pieces of furniture dotted around the room. Online discount store TJ Hughes has a great range of children’s beds with additional storage at affordable prices.

Make the Most of Floor Space
Do you find that you are struggling to fit all of your child’s furniture and essentials into the same room? One way of easily fitting everything into the room is to take the bed away from the floor by investing in a high sleeper bed or a mid-sleeper bed. Unlike normal bedframes, high sleeper beds and mid sleeper beds are presented on tall frames – so that the space underneath is available to add extra furniture or to simply leave free so that your kids have plenty of play space.

Build your own storage
Whether it’s a small box room or an awkward shaped room, you may find that you struggle to find furniture that will easily fit into your child’s bedroom. One way that you can guarantee effective storage for any small or fussy shaped room is through building your own furniture. Building your own storage furniture such as toy boxes, storage shelves or cupboards allows you to customise the furniture to suit the exact size and dimensions of your child’s bedroom. For DIY inspiration, why not check out home design blogs, Pinterest also has some great ideas!

Hanging Space
One way to make the most of additional space is to invest in hanging storage. Available from most DIY stores, hanging storage is great for on the back of doors and inside wardrobes for storing clothes, shoes and toys. It’s also a great way to keep items off the floor and the way of little fingers! These hanging wall pockets from Ikea are ideal storage solution and are only £3.50.

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