Goodbye Baby Weight? #activemums

Healthy mumHave you lost your baby weight, or like me do you sit and look at celebs who seem to spring back into shape and think that can’t be healthy? It’s taken me four years to get back to my pre-baby weight after my third child, and away from the celebrity lifestyle of Hollywood diets and personal trainers, getting rid of your baby weight can be extremely challenging for busy mums; therefore we have compiled these safe and easy to follow tips to help you get back on track….

Don’t Start Dieting Too Soon
Not only is it important to relax after having a baby, giving you time to bond with your new baby, it is also essential that you give your body time to recover from the labour. It is best to wait until after your six week postpartum check-up before reducing your calorie intake with a new diet. For those breastfeeding, experts recommend that you should actually wait until the baby is at least two months old before beginning a low calorie diet plan.

Choose a Long-Term Diet
The amount of weight that you gain during a pregnancy can vary from mother to mother, however if you find that you have gained more weight than you are comfortable with, keep in mind that the most effective way to lose the weight (and keep it off) is with a long-term diet plan. With so many different diet plans around, from Weight Watchers to Slimming World, make sure that you pick a diet which best suits your weight loss needs, as well as your lifestyle. You can also use supplements like Biofit to help you lose weight.

Have Realistic Expectations
before starting your diet, you should have realistic expectations in mind in regards to your projected weight loss. A woman’s body can change quite dramatically during pregnancy, so remember to start with little goals and understand that you may not be able to bounce back as quickly as others – keeping this in mind will help you to continue with a healthy weight loss.

Make Time for Exercise
considering how busy your schedule is as a new mum, adding exercise into the mix is sure to sound literally impossible. A great way to exercise and also bond with your baby is to take a trip to your local swimming pool. Swimming is a great activity, especially if you are gradually getting back in to exercising after your pregnancy. If you’re not quite ready to get back in to your bikini, there are a great range of stylish one piece swimsuits available online and on the high-street, ideal for giving your shape and confidence a boost in the water. Swimwear specialists Zoggs also have a great range of swim shapes swimwear, designed to flatter, enhance and support you in the water!
Don’t Skip Meals
Looking after a new-born baby can be quite hectic and, although you will be busy, it is vital that you don’t neglect your own meals. Skipping meals will not only impact those valuable energy levels, it will also affect your metabolism – which could ruin your attempts to shed those pounds.

If you are thinking about losing baby weight, remember to consult your GP before trying a new diet.

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