Putting a spring in the step of the walk to school

The British walk to school is in decline. Eight in 10 parents of primary school children walked to school, but now, nearly a third of parents drive, and more than one in five parents has never even considered walking their child to school*.

Start-rite, which has been protecting the nation’s feet for over 200 years, is celebrating The Great British Walk to School to reignite our enthusiasm for this much-loved tradition. Start-rite presents a series of #GBW2S activities for children and parents to get involved. From 2nd September, parents can download the #GBW2S Fun Fact Pack, and put their school on the map – quite literally – by submitting a photo of their walk for inclusion on the #GBW2S Map. The#GBW2S Film gives a taster of what the #GBW2S Map will represent. Crowd-sourced by school walkers from all over the country, it depicts the huge variety of experiences that British children enjoy every day.

Download packs and information at start-rite.co.uk/greatbritishwalktoschool to find out how to get involved and take part by uploading your pictures and sharing your experience.

Some parents of course have no option but to drive their children to school, or to drive a short distance and walk the rest of the way; it doesn’t matter – anyone can get involved. Start-rite have taken a light-hearted look at the school ‘walk’ versus the school ‘run’, with #WalkorDrive– a humorous insight into the trials and tribulations of those who drive, from the perspective of 500 parents polled across the UK.

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