Safety Tips for Fireplaces

Fireplaces are the perfect centrepiece to complete any living space in the home. Warming the room and offering an elegant aspect of décor – while fireplaces are a welcome addition to any home, it is important to remember that the main function of a fireplace is to create heat and fire – therefore you should take into account the following safety measures to ensure both you and your children remain safe when the fire is burning.

One of the most vital thing that any home with a fireplace or stove should have is a fire guard. A fire guard is designed to fit and curve around your fireplace – providing protection from open flames as well as heat. It is best to choose a fire guard with a sturdy frame to make it difficult for young children to move it out of place.

Another way of ensuring that the fireplace is out of reach for crawling babies or younger children is to choose a fire that is hung on the wall. Wall hung gas fires are raised from the floor, meaning that curious youngsters won’t be able to reach the fireplace. A benefit to choosing wall hung fires or hole in the wall fires is that they also free up floor space – this is particularly useful for homes with smaller living areas.

An important safety measure that should be installed into any home, regardless of whether you have a gas fireplace or not, is a carbon monoxide detector. These detectors should be installed near gas appliances such as gas stoves and fireplaces. It is also vital that you have a smoke detector fitted, and regularly change the batteries to ensure that the detector continues to work. And don’t forget to consider a fireproof safe for your valuables.

If you have an inset wood burning stove or fireplace, remember to only burn wood or fuel that has been approved by the manufacturer. Putting items such as paper or foam peanuts into your fire could release toxic fumes when they burn. These harmful toxic gases can then fill your home and are potentially dangerous for you and your family should you breathe them in.

The warmth of a fireplace or stove is there to be enjoyed, the best way of safeguarding your family against any potential risks with a fireplace is to simply keep children supervised at all times – this will give you extra peace of mind when your children are playing together while the fire heats the room.

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