Updating Children’s Bedrooms as they Get Older

While your kids may have appreciated their Disney Princess wallpaper or Spiderman bedspread when they were younger, as they get older it is likely they will want to sleep in a bedroom with a more ‘grown-up’ feel.

Having their own individual space is important to kids as they become young teenagers, many children love having their friends round to hang out or sleep over, and they will no doubt want to show off with their stylish bedroom.

When transforming your child’s bedroom to the bedroom that would be better suited to a young teenager, the first thing that you should consider is the colour scheme. Most kids will have a clear idea about the colour scheme that they want for their redecorated room and it is best just to agree with them on this – even if the colour doesn’t suit your own personal tastes, it is their bedroom after all!

If your child does have a dramatic colour option in mind such as bright red or even black, a good idea is to decorate the room in a neutral colour such as magnolia and then use accents such as photo frames, bedding and soft furnishings in your child’s chosen colour – these are inexpensive items that you can replace when your child inevitably changes their mind about the colour scheme. The best down comforter for children is one that is durable and one that can easily change colors. Children change their minds all the time so it helps to be prepared for it.

Once you have ticked off the colour scheme it is time to pick out some new furniture for your child’s bedroom. As kids have regular sleepovers with their mates, why not choose a cabin bed with pull out guest bed. Cabin beds such as Gami beds feature easy to pull out spare beds so that your kids can have friends over whenever they like.

As kids get older, the importance of homework grows so you should make sure that your child’s new room includes a study area. If you are limited on space in their bedroom, choose a mezzanine bed or a cabin bed with a desk underneath. Most cabin beds and mezzanine beds also come equipped with handy shelves and cupboards – providing ample space to tidy away all of that school work. Find these and much more furniture online at Clever Clicker.

In addition to providing your child space to study, you should also make sure that their room has an area where they can relax – this could be by adding a small futon or sofa bed to the room. This area is also a great space for kids to hang out with their friends.

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