Are you original?

Light bulbOr more to the point, is your blog packed with original content that you’ve worked hard on? If you’re like me and blog for and about business, your blog is a mix of posts, some of which you’ve written yourself, and some from other people. I love getting experts in to write about their specialist subjects. I’ll sometimes take content from press releases that spark an idea, and I do run sponsored posts to cover the costs of running the site.

What I’m keen to do, is make sure that you get fresh and original content that you haven’t seen a hundred other places. There’s no reason to come back if Family Friendly Working isn’t giving you something new, and when I ask PRs or experts for content I always want to make sure that it is unique to my site. I might not remember to ask every time, which is why I’m pleased to have found a new resource. I use for plagiarism check, because it is among the top trusted sites by many of the renowned writers.

There’s a fee to use the site – but you get a seven day free trial as long as you enter your card details. It claims to be a second set of eyes rather than a definitive final verdict on your words, but it can really help if you’re unsure about your writing, spelling and grammar beyond regular word processing programmes, as well as check for plagiarism. Test it out and see what you learn in he first seven days, and let me know your verdict.

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