Buying Maternity Clothes & Footwear

Years ago maternity clothes used to be frumpy, shapeless and generally unflattering – however, now there is no shortage of fashion forward retailers out there, each offering the latest maternity clothes. When you are expecting a baby you will already be forking out for new clothes and products for your new arrival – so you may not be able to afford a full wardrobe of maternity wear.

To ensure that you enjoy great savings – while choosing the best quality clothes and cushioning maternity footwear for your changing body – why not check out our maternity clothes buying guide…

Maternity Working Wardrobe
If you do want to buy maternity clothes, make sure that office wear is the main area you splurge on. Non-maternity work wear is known for being stiff and inflexible, wearing this type of clothing with a growing bump will leave you feeling very uncomfortable. Look for maternity work wear collections in your favourite retailers to discover work pants with stretchy waistbands and blouses made from looser materials.

Formal Maternity Wear
Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on style when picking an outfit for a special occasion. Many high street fashion brands create maternity versions of their popular lines while many pregnant women feel both glamorous and comfortable in shift dresses – these figure skimming dresses don’t have a waistband to help keep your bump comfy.

Comfortable Maternity Footwear
Most women do not realise that while your bump grows during pregnancy – so do your feet! The majority of women find that their feet grow an average of half a size when pregnant. This growth is mainly due to swelling in the feet and ankles – a foot condition called edema which is caused by the body’s heightened progesterone levels during pregnancy. To accommodate the swelling while keeping your feet comfortable with the increase of weight it is recommended that you wear supportive and cushioning shoes such as Vionic shoes. An orthotic footwear brand,Vionic Orthaheel shoes incorporate the latest trends alongside biomechanical technology to provide feet with support, stability and comfort throughout pregnancy and beyond. Don’t forget to take some time out to familiarise yourself with recommended foot care products.

Casual Clothes for your Bump
Rather than buy a complete wardrobe of pricey maternity wear, a cheaper option is to purchase non-maternity wear that is comfortable on your growing bump. Buying stretchy leggings in the next size up should accommodate your bump while long tunic tops will cover your bump while keeping you comfortable and on-trend.

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