How to Save On Your Eyecare Costs

It’s no secret that eyes can be expensive. From glasses to contact lenses and make-up to accessories, we tend to spend a lot on our eyes, because they’re important to how we look and feel. Of course, it is still possible to save on your eyecare costs and even free yourself from prescriptions and checkups forever.

Here are a few tips for how you can have great eyecare that doesn’t cost the earth:

Keep your eyes as healthy as possible

Prevention is of course better than cure, so to try and put off any intervention for as long as possible by making sure you look after you eyes as best you can. There are certain vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Omega three, that will help your eyes stay in good condition and prevent long-term deterioration, so make sure you’re getting enough of these in your diet, or from dietary supplements if necessary.

If there is a problem, act fast

As with many health problems, it’s easy to put off seeing a doctor or an optician if you think you have a problem. Such action will only delay treatment, make your vision deteriorate at an even faster rate and cost you more money to rectify in the long run, so striking early is recommended. Most eye tests are reasonably priced, or even free, so if you think your vision isn’t what it should be, there’s no excuse to not get it investigated.

Glasses versus contact lenses

Both glasses and contact lenses cost money, but which one will be more cost-effective over time? This really depends on your personal circumstances and the firm you’re using to take care of your vision. I’d figure it to probably be toric lenses that can cost less.

Glasses can be seen as the cheaper option as they last for years but if your prescription changes regularly or you have a habit of misplacing them, then replacements can be costly and prescription contact lenses might be your better option.

Laser eye surgery

Long term, one way to save money on eyecare is with laser eye surgery. Though the cost of laser eye surgery may seem a lot initially, when you consider how much you’ll save on glasses, contact lenses and other eyecare products over time, it’s actually a lot more affordable.

Many clinics also offer payment plans and great follow-up care. Though eyecare is one area where no one wants to scrimp, it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Whether you top up your diet with supplements, or go for a permanent solution with laser eye surgery, your eyes can be in great health – just like your bank balance!

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