Five Ways to Make Family Washing More Manageable

"Iron Table Or Ironing Board " by John Kasawa
Ironing Board by John Kasawa
"Iron Table Or Ironing Board " by John Kasawa
Ironing Board by John Kasawa

Do you know anyone that enjoys doing the laundry? There are people that don’t mind washing the dishes, weeding the garden or vacuuming the carpets, but laundry is a task that most people seem to hate. It’s the arch enemy of household chores, you might say.

Unfortunately, it’s something which cannot be avoided, so here are some top tips to help you make this horrendous task quicker and more manageable.

Sort your clothes

There are a few rules when it comes to doing the washing, such as never washing colours and whites together. A lot of the time you discover these rules through a process of trial and error.

To prevent that pesky red sock getting in with all your crisp white shirts, sort your clothes before they get anywhere near the washing machine. You can either use separate laundry baskets or get a three-part sorter. This will save you time and hassle when putting a wash on.

Wash on the right setting

These days, you don’t simply turn on the washing machine and hope for the best – there are several settings to choose from. It’s not just cotton or wool either. For example, the Aqualtis AQ113F497E, a Hotpoint washing machine, features 16 programmes as well as Quick Wash and Half Load settings.

By knowing how the washers work, you can make the most of it and save bags of time – not to mention money. Washing your clothes is all about selecting the appropriate programme for the clothes so that you get a high quality wash that doesn’t waste water, power or money.

Invest in a tumble dryer

When the weather is miserable, doing the washing feels even worse than usual. To ensure the British weather doesn’t result in an overflowing wash basket, use a tumble dryer to dry clothes when you can’t hang them outside.

Know when to wash

It is important to wash your clothes as often as necessary, but you also need to spare a thought for efficiency. This means only washing clothes when there is a full load ready or adjusting the wash programme as discussed above.

Get the kids involved

No matter how dull doing the laundry is, the kids can help. You don’t have to make them do everything, but ensure that they’re not making your life harder. Get them to separate their dirty clothes when putting them in the basket and if they have stains on their clothes, then ask them to tell you, so you can tackle these stubborn marks straight away.

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