My name’s Antonia and I’m a stationery addict

Do you shop around for stationery? Since I’ve started uni again, my needs for pens, notebooks, printer cartridges and ink seems to have increased exponentially so I was pleased to be asked to test out Frillo, a new online stationery store that claims to be a better way to save. They price items at cost, then add on a handling charge from £5 (for order under £50) to £19.95 for orders over £300. I was given £100 to spend at the store, and picked some items I’d bought in the last few months – so how do they compare? The ‘what I paid’ column includes delivery charges, and it’s not an exact like-for-like comparison, but I did my best!

Item Frillo price What I’d paid before
 Printer Paper 5 star copier paper £11.11  Varicopy printer paper £15.87
 Printer Ink  Kodak 2 for £14.48  Kodak 2 for £30.96
 Pens  12 Zebra sarasara pens £13.75  12 Pentel energel pens £14.75
 Notebooks  3 Silvine notebooks £11.21  1 Moleskine soft extra large notebook £11.84
Handling and delivery  £15.13 included above
 Total  £80.14  £73.42

So, even with the handling charge, I think I’d save on printer ink shopping at Frillo. The notebooks were much better value – but Moleskine probably has a cachet that Silvine doesn’t! The delivery and handling charges mean it makes less sense to order the pens and printer paper this way.

This post is in association with Frillo.

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