How can diet and exercise help you conceive? #activemums

pregnant womanWatch our video with Zita West where she gives advice on how diet, nutrition and exercise can play a key role in boosting your fertility

It’s well known that a good diet and exercise regime is important for a healthy pregnancy and for your baby’s growth. But believe it or not, paying attention to diet and exercise should also be a top priority even before you conceive.

From the very start you’ll be nourishing the egg and sperm cells that will become your baby, so following a sensible diet when you’re ‘trying’ is imperative.  Balancing your blood sugar by eating breakfast, having a diet rich in antioxidants and making sure you have plenty of vitamin D will all help to balance hormone levels and improve your fertility.

zita pic2For both men and women, being overweight can affect your ability to conceive. So maintaining a healthy level of exercise not only keeps your weight down but helps with endorphin release, reduces stress, regulates your blood sugar levels, and promotes good circulation to the reproductive organs. Also, it’s not uncommon of women to buy steroids online to lose fat so that helps in the conception.

Balance is vital when it comes to both diet and exercise as being underweight can harm your fertility and men who do too much exercise could be impairing their sperm count; no one knows more about this than leading fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West who is also a practicing midwife, acupuncturist and nutritional advisor.

If you are trying to conceive or know someone who is, watch our video with Zita West who has teamed up with First Response to give advice on diet, nutrition and exercise fertility boosters.



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