Direct sales: Team Building Tips

MMM Money tree imageOnce you have some direct sales experience under your belt, you may want to look at ways to earn more from your business. Many companies offer the chance to increase profits by recruiting others. If you build a good team you can earn far more than you would do alone, as you get around 15 per cent of your teams’ takings. You need to invest time in helping them succeed. Only recruit people who you feel will make a go of it. Note that it is illegal to get people to join a scheme where they make money just from getting more people to join up.

Caroline has sold for Pampered Chef for many years. She says, “The money is in recruiting teams of people. When I did parties, I would tempt people to join Pampered Chef with throw away comments about how much I enjoyed the shows, how flexible the job is and what I spent my earnings on. I received a management fee which is a percentage of team members’ sales. The recruits don’t lose out. The money comes from the company for the extra work I do in looking after my team”.

Selling ‘the business opportunity’
In reality, some reps sell most in their first few weeks, and then find they have  run out of friends and family to sell to. Only around a third of people joining will experience long term success. If you struggle to sell, have a think why. Is the product something you are passionate about, and can you find other people who you think will want and be able to afford your products? If not, why not try a different company. Can you find people who you think would love your stuff, but are not managing to persuade them to buy? Talk to your manger about how to improve your selling techniques. Or, if you’re not making enough money in selling products, do you need to look at recruiting other people? Think about whether you are happy to sell a ‘business opportunity’ alongside, or in preference to, the products you signed up to sell.

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