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Zoe FindonAs a life coach who specialises in working mums, I see many stories of career changing, so I know it is doable, but perhaps the story I know best is my own.

My Story

I had a successful career as a Management Consultant, I’d been doing it for a decade. It was fine. It paid well. Then came my daughter. Oh my goodness did my world change the axis it was spinning on. I hadn’t thought it would change ME so much, not to mention my life.  When it came time to return to work I was plagued by doubt, on all fronts, about what I was doing.  Had I chosen the right nursery was one question but there were others.

Suddenly my work seemed less compelling. I wasn’t sure I could be good at it anymore and I certainly wasn’t sure it was good for me. I mean it had been nearly a year since I had been to work, how on earth could I do it now I had a baby?

I was stressed, depressed my relationships suffered. It felt like all I could do was be a mum. Who was I?

What did I do?

Well, at first I felt overwhelmed, depressed and confused. Then I took a breath, decided to work on me. I took time to think about what I DID love about my work, what I wanted from my job and where I felt I made enough of a difference to warrant leaving my child. I had to reconnect with my talents, so that I could use them MORE. I had to look at what wasn’t important anymore to make room for that which was, because I didn’t have time for everything.

How did I do it?

I was lucky. Years in the Management Consultancy world had given me great ability to  spot others strengths and how to leverage them. So I did that. That took me to training, thinking I would train to be a trainer in the finance systems I knew so well, a bridge so to speak from my current role to my next, a role that although in the same field had less unexpected scheduling demands.

I invested on myself and took a train the trainer course. I loved it so much I began to train with that company to become one of their trainers! Here, I was coached and all those things I read about in the books by my bed became the things I was doing on a day to day basis. Funnily enough, I had wanted to do my degree in psychology but took Economics as the easy route instead and now I was back at the door of psychology. (Hm, must be something in the questions what did you love doing as a child and what books are by your bed?)

I had started to take ownership of my future. I took action, I learnt tools. I even studied how to THINK better to create the life I wanted for my family AND for ME. I became a qualified Thinking Coach, I started teaching others how to create the impact they choose.

What problem can you solve?

There are many questions people will put to you when looking to change career (or even just to going back to work), but two that will stand you in great stead when it comes to selling that are:

What problem can I solve?

and who can I solve it for?

My answers: I can help who have lost sight of who they are and what they are good at, I can reconnect them with their talents and their passions and I can do this for Working Mums, because I believe they can be all they want to be and I have done it for me.


Ask yourself this question and it might help you decide if you, too, want to retrain.

Zoe runs an online Return to Work Course which can help you if you want to get back into the world of work.





Zoë Findon

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