Live, Work, Play – How to re-train your career around your life #careerchange #retraining

by Stuart Miles
by Stuart Miles

Much as we all despise the ‘live to work’ ethos, we must work to live, and enjoy our family time. But how much do you enjoy working? Would you be happier in a position you love where time flew by? Would you like to re-train to obtain a role that was flexible around your home life? Do you dread returning to your old line of work? They say children change everything, but did they also mention the change on your career outlook. Re-training is an opportunity to put your life into focus, and ensure that you are loving life whether you’re at home or work. Here are five tips from Pitmans to help you think about whether it’s time to retrain.

1). Live – but take a step back first.

Are you ready to return to work? Have you now reached the top of your current position? Or do you think you’re in the wrong role?

Take a step back and seek some advice from your peers – can they see what you need to do next, sometimes it’s obvious to those around you. Speaking to a reputable recruitment company can also help you explore areas that you may not have previously thought of.

Identifying your true calling is the first step in doing what you love, and whether that’s taking a new career step or returning to work, re-training is often the most satisfying ‘life’ change you can make, allowing you to be more efficient and enabling more family time.

Try our free app Career MOT:] to get the ball rolling.


2) Work – earn while you learn

Financing your training can seem daunting and working around both training and family life impossible, right? Wrong!

Plot out where you have manageable time-slots around work (when the kids are asleep, or at an after school group…), time you can dedicate just a couple of hours in one go to re-training. Make sure that this is long enough to engage yourself, but short enough to give you no excuses to let it be overruled – you can always increase the time you allocate once your training programme has begun.

Some training providers offer flexible, self-paced and home-based courses.


3) Play – ask for a test drive

Before you fully commit yourself to a complete re-direction, ask for a demonstration. Much like buying a new car and test-driving, or a new bed and lying on it in the shop, making an investment in your personal development requires some degree of ensuring this is right for you.

Asking for a demo, so you can have a ‘play’ is perfectly acceptable. This could be watching a video of the tutor in action if it is seminar-led  training you are looking for, or asking for a demonstration if it is audio-led or distance learning.

Consider what environment you would learn best in? For some the opportunity of learning from home would see them making 50 cups of tea and doing the ironing as a distraction mechanism, for others it provides comfort and a quiet haven. Some people work best in dedicated training rooms where there are other learners and course advisors for support.

Re-training, whatever the reason, will require personal dedication, but the end result should out way any sacrifices made during the time spent learning.

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