Direct sales: how much will I earn?

MMM Money grass image sml‘How much will I make?’ is a question many people ask when signing up for a direct sales business.

With this sort of opportunity, earnings are variable. Some reps find it hard to cover the cost of their kit. Others make enough money for a few treats each month. Some invest lots of time and effort to make their sales provide several thousand pounds each year towards the family’s income. In a survey the Direct Selling Association found that the average annual sales per seller, across hundreds of direct selling businesses, was £4094. Note that this is sales, not the amount you make for yourself.  With commission ranging from 15 to 40 per cent, average reps are making from £600 a year to just over £1600.

Work hard to earn

Direct selling companies are require by law to remind potential reps, “Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved”. Anyone who is making a good income from selling is putting many hours of effort in each month.  As a rep you will most likely work on a self-employed basis. You need to register with the Inland Revenue, and are liable for paying your own National Insurance and Income tax.

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