Hate your job? Why not #retrain? Tips from Sarah Wade #careerchange

Sarah Wade is the Author of Start Your Dream Business
Sarah Wade is the Author of Start Your Dream Business
Sarah Wade is the Author of Start Your Dream Business

From his very first day Andy hated his job as an auditor.  It took 20 years before he could make his leap to be a successful freelance food writer.  But when the opportunity came he ensured he was ready for it and able to escape his windowless office on a trading estate with barbed wires.

Andy taught himself how to cook in his bed sit from the age of 17 in order to impress his girlfriend.   When eating out he became intrigued by what went on behind the swing doors.    Andy was so ‘blown away’ by the experience of eating at Pont de la Tour, he wrote a letter to the owner. He said he had been very impressed by his visit and as someone thinking about changing his career, would he have any useful advice? He sent it ‘FAO Terence Conran’. The head chef contacted him and invited him to come and have a look around the kitchens. He then phoned Andy and said he was short staffed on Saturday…It started the training Andy needed for his future career.

  • When Andy went on business trips he set up work experience in the best restaurants.  Andy quickly learnt that restaurants always need an extra pair of hands to peel the carrots.  He soon built up an impressive CV beyond his working life.
  •  To help bridge the gap between his auditing world and the elusive world he wanted to be in, Andy set up an event and invited people from the food industry to it.  It helped start some conversations.
  • Andy got experience and the promise of a writing commission before he FINALLY took the plunge and left his job.


–          If you were buying a shop or a café or any new business it would cost a lot more than buying a college or university course. Investing in training is like buying yourself a new future; for the money you spend you are buying for yourself a new profession and a business opportunity. This will be your greatest investment and asset.

–          Find out whether your current employer might part-finance your tuition? Have you investigated a grant? Would a loan be feasible if you came up with a sensible business plan?

–          Are you 100% sure you need to spend a lot to train? Many leading entrepreneurs, like Karen Brady and Richard Branson, have had no formal training in what they wanted to work in. Never negate how far passion, know-how, networking, volunteering and charm can take you.

–          If you don’t know what you want to do explore courses, research, network with others who do or want to do what you might want to do.

–          If you are too busy in a 60 hour a week job, save money when you can so you can take a block of time out to hunt out a passion

–          Share your news. You never know who can help or who may need your services.


Read more from Sarah Wade at www.findyourdreamjob.wordpress.com or link up with her @dreamjobsarah


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