Perfect work at home workspace ideas #workfromhome

by Stuart Miles
by Stuart Miles

If you’ve started working from home, do you find it hard to create some space to work? Many mums work from the kitchen table: one of my friends ended up keeping her work stationery in the bread bin to keep it away from tiny fingers, but if you want a bit more space than that, here are some ideas:

  1. Choose your space. Our house is fairly open plan and I like to work in the middle so I can see what’s going on in the kitchen, open the front door if there is a delivery etc – but I find it easy to concentrate in chaos. If you’re not like me, find a space with a door, whether it is a study, spare room or even in your own bedroom.
  2. Make your space multi-functional. If you work while the children are at school, you may need to clear the family desk so that they can do their homework later. Ask others to clear away too after using your space!
  3. Find some permanent storage, a box, a shelf, a cupboard: pick something that you can close and put away when you finish work. There’s nothing worse than having work out all the time you’re trying to relax – this particularly applies if your work space is also your sleep-space.
  4. Make it useful AND beautiful. Finish off your work space with an inspiring quote, a plant or a picture, so that you really enjoy working from home.
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