Help for children in understanding bladder and bowel problems.

pooChildhood continence charity ERIC (Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence) has launched new, dedicated website pages to help children understand how wee and poo are produced, why bowels and bladders can misbehave – and how to help them work properly!

Across the UK around a million children have an ongoing bladder or bowel problem that leads to wetting or soiling. ERIC provides information and services to help children and families to understand the causes of continence problems, and support them to manage or resolve these issues.

The online Kids’ Area features two engaging, larger than life characters, Poo & Wee, who take children on an informative journey down through their digestion, bladder and bowel. Poo & Wee explain the important roles of bladders and bowels in getting rid of waste the body doesn’t need after food and drinks have been digested.

weeThe bright and vivid pages feature lots of interesting and quirky facts for children, as well as top tips to help a wee or poo problem – and printable elements including games and colouring pages.

Many children (and adults!) might not know that:

  • Lots of mammal babies, including koalas, pandas, elephants and rats eat their parents’ poo! They do this because they need the right sort of bacteria in their stomachs to digest their food.
  • The average person spends 3 years of their life on the toilet.
  • Wee was once used to make toothpaste because people believed it could make your teeth whiter.

Jayne Miller, Information and Helpline Specialist at ERIC said: “Our new web pages aim to help children to understand the important roles that their bladders and bowels play and learn what causes continence difficulties.

“There are around a million children in the UK with an ongoing continence problem, so we want to show children that they’re not alone in dealing with these issues – and let them know that things can get better.”

The new pages were developed with the input of children aged between 7 and 11 at primary schools and after school clubs in Bristol, where ERIC’s office is based.

You can view the new Kids’ Area and further information for children, teenagers, parents and professionals at


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