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pregnant womanTop 40 Boys and Girls Name Data released by shows Ava, Freya, Noah and Oscar claim the most popular baby names of 2013 while the popularity of George plummets.

Statistics gathered by Britain’s most popular baby-naming website found that the top girls names were Ava, followed by Freya, Isla, Amelia and Grace. For the boys Noah, Oliver, Oscar, Jacob and Isaac took the top spots. A list dominated by old-fashioned and traditional names in 2012 has been turned on its head in 2013 with parents picking increasingly more unique names. Some of the more unusual names that have seen success this year have been Esme, Jonah, Reuben, Poppy and Addison.

James Macfarlane, Managing Director of tells us “This year has really been a name revolution for parents in the UK. While the traditional names such as Grace and Jacob still hold their own in the top 10 we have seen more traditionally unpopular names start to really gain in popularity” he added “Ava has really been the rock and roll name of the past few years, coming out of nowhere in 2004 to now being number one in our girls name list”.

The data released showed a drop in the popularity of George since the Prince George’s name was announced, this completely u-turned the trend of names such as Harry and William which sky rocketed to the top 10 after the names were announced by the royal family.

James said “With so much hype around the royal baby, parents have been worried that if they call their child George they will be seen by their peers as following a trend rather than thinking for themselves. We’ve seen parents actively trying to avoid this name and a drop of almost 30 places from 38th in June to 67th in Sept.”

There are some names that have now established themselves as perennial favourites, such as Amelia and Olivia for girls and Ethan and Jack for boys, and there are no signs that names such as these will drop from the top of the charts.  Even so as the director states, “Whatever theories we speculate are influencing parental choices, there is no escaping the constant pull towards names from the world of celebrity. We’ve seen Darcey enter the charts, which is likely to be related to the popularity of Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell, and Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy probably accounts for the resurgence in the use of Ivy.” Despite the celebrity influence on names James concludes “some celebrity name choices are widely panned by the public, and it’s no surprise that North hasn’t entered the top 40 following Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s choice”.

Top 10 Girls Names:

1. Ava

2. Freya

3. Isla

4. Grace

5. Amelia

6. Ella

7. Eva

8. Olivia

9. Alice

10. Mia

Top 10 Boys Names:

1. Noah

2. Oscar

3. Oliver

4. Jacob

5. Isaac

6. Dylan

7. Ethan

8. William

9. Harry

10. Jack

More information including all the poll data can be found here:

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