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Being a self employed Dad is actually about as good as it gets, but you do need a fantastic support network, a hefty childcare bill or a combination of both.

My daughter, Maggie, is 3 in April, so doesn’t go to school. My girlfriend is a full time teacher and I work (at the office) four and half days a week.

Although I’m in on a Saturday morning, the weekends are easy because Rach doesn’t work. The time I spend in the office on a Saturday actually gives Rach a rare opportunity to have one to one time with her. They actually go to swimming lessons and Maggie does sometimes ask if I’m coming along. It’s not possible for me to go every week, but on the odd occasion I’ll take the morning off and watch from the sides.

Sunday is the one day where we are all together, so we try not to book anything in unless it’s something we can all do together.

Monday is my day with her, which is great. We walk the dog, do the shopping, a bit of painting and may be a trip to the zoo. I’m absolutely shattered by the time Rach get’s home, but I’m very lucky to have Monday’s off.

Business is really good and it’s likely that I’m going to have to work on a Monday too before long, but we should be able to put that off until Maggie starts nursery.

Ricm-M-Brady-PresentingTuesday’s and Wednesday’s she’s with our Mum’s, We’re so lucky to have that support. It’s more than just financially beneficial too; seeing the bond develop between them is fantastic and no matter how much you pay a child minder, they’re not going to cherish our kids as much as a family member.

Having said that, we have a pretty awesome child minder too. Se lives just around the corner and once they’ve one the school run there may only be Maggie and another child, so she gets really well looked after.

I’m very lucky that I can do a lot of my work via my iPhone, so is there’s an issue or Maggie’s ill I can leave to collect her and even work from home if it’s going to last a couple of days. I know not everyone has that luxury, but you have to make the best for your own situation.

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