New business book by Sarah Alexander ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership’ launches this month #businessbooks #business #books #spiritual intelligence

Sarah Alexander LRSarah Alexander’s second business book on ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ is published this month.

‘Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership’ is not another book about leadership. Instead, the book provides the reader with the essential element to leadership: the inner foundation to lead ourselves.

This book guides you through the seven key lessons that make up the thinking, attitudes and deep inner knowledge that underpin effective twenty-first century leadership.

With personal stories and examples drawn from well-known figures in business, sport and entertainment to support each lesson, the book offers real insight and a spiritual path to being a leader in every capacity.

Sarah can offer advice about how to tap into your innate Spiritual Intelligence; how to use it to make 2014 your most successful business year yet; how to use Spiritual Intelligence to overcome obstacles in your business; how to use Spiritual Intelligence to find your life’s work; and how to use it to set goals and ensure you achieve them.

Sarah Alexander is a coach, mentor, speaker and author. She coaches business leaders worldwide using Spiritual Intelligence to help them make the most of their life and their work. Sarah has worked with international sports professionals, executives from multinationals in the UK, Europe and the Far East, and entrepreneurs running successful businesses.

Pile_SpiritualIntelligence LRSarah’s first book is ‘Spiritual Intelligence In Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success’.

‘Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership’ is available in paperback from Amazon and all good book stores, and also in digital ebook formats.

Sarah is an expert in Spiritual Intelligence. She has worked with 100s of business owners and leaders worldwide, guiding them to use their inner Intelligence to make the most of their life’s work. Sarah has used Spiritual Intelligence successfully to build her first business, which she sold in 2001. She then used it again to build her current business, which helps business executives, international sports competitors and entrepreneurs, become even more successful. ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership’ is Sarah’s second book. Her first is ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Business: the Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success’ Both are available from Amazon, all good book retailers and

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