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59620014_IngeWoudstraWebsiteIt isn’t easy to find that perfect job; the holy grail of jobs that fits around the children, and gives you a good challenge. When you have been looking at job adverts, you have probably noticed that not many part-time jobs are advertised either on-line or off-line. When you are after a more professional, higher level job it gets even worse. I was recently speaking to one of the most awarded firms for family-friendliness in the UK, and even they had just realised that they weren’t advertising part-time options above a certain level.

So what do you do? Do you just give up? Do you decide to be a stay at home mother, give up work for now and try to find fulfilment in raising your children?

Do you decide to go for a full-time job after all? One of those full-time jobs with plenty of challenge, interesting content and great colleagues, but that takes you away from your home and children for more than 60 hours a week?

Perhaps you think there are no other options. That it is one or the other. But I believe there are other options. Indeed, many mothers do find other options. Either they find full-time jobs and negotiate a lot of flexibility or, they settle for a less challenging job, or they do what I did, and what many mothers do: create their own flexible job.

It’s not the easy path and it comes with huge challenges, but if you manage it right, you can find a lot more flexibility than in any other job and it’s really worth it.

This is how to start:

Start with the idea

Before starting Mum & Career I reviewed my skills and capabilities and my passions. In my case it was clear it had to be something with training, re-packaging information and empowering others. Ideally in the area of my passion: gender differences, and making the world a better place for women.

Check what others are doing, your competitors

Looking at competitors will give you a good indication of what works. It will also give you ideas for what is and isn’t covered yet. This will help you find your niche. You can offer very similar services or products as other people do, as long as you have a unique edge to it. Eg.If you build websites you can build websites for car dealerships in Suffolk, build websites within a week or build websites that help people sell more products. What is your unique angle?

Start networking

Join networking groups, you can find a list here of women’s networking groups. In these groups you start sharing your idea and gaining feed-back. Gain feed-back on: who would buy your product or service, what would they be willing to pay, and what is their biggest issue. The only thing you need for networking is a business card, or even just some paper with your e-mail on it.

It’s a great challenge, and even if it never takes off, it will build your CV and working skills. All the very best with your new venture

Author: Inge Woudstra – Founding Director of Mum & Career . Mum & Career is a unique web portal for professional working mothers. With the portal Inge aims to inspire, inform and motivate you to create a lifestyle that works for you and your family.

Mum & Career is the flagship web portal of W2O Consulting & Training – Changing Perspectives in Female Talent Management.


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