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Sarah Alexander LRBy Sarah Alexander, author of ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership’ 

As a mumpreneur we’re doing our best to juggle our business commitments with being good parents to our children. We can often feel stressed and overwhelmed. It can seem, at times, that balancing these two parts of our lives is impossible. We end up focusing our energies on one part of our life, and then feel guilty for our lack of attention to the other.

So, how do we generate balance in our lives and have sufficient energy for all of our commitments?

The answer lies with our innate Spiritual Intelligence, which is here to guide us both in alignment with our own desires and intentions and with the ultimate higher purpose and destiny of our lives.

We all have talents, skills, and abilities that we are here to use for the greater good, both through our business endeavors and within our family. Our Spiritual Intelligence can guide us to bring these two into harmony by directing our focus and energy to where it is most needed at any specific time.

So, rather than feeling stress and overwhelm, we can ask our Spiritual Intelligence questions like ‘Where should my focus be in this moment?’ and ‘How can I bring balance and harmony into all aspects of my life?’ From there we must be willing to listen for the answers.

The answers are likely to come to help us in three ways:

  1. Release your feelings of anxiety, stress, overwhelm and depression into the hands of your Spiritual Intelligence. Ask that these negative emotions be transformed and turned into new perceptions and creative ways of looking at our time and commitments. With these alternative perceptions, we are often made aware of things that we hadn’t thought of, or didn’t know, and our new perceptions always bring us a sense of calm and harmony within ourselves.
  2. Be willing to let go of the things you think you ought to do in your day, and instead bring awareness to where your attention is naturally drawn – your inner Intelligence will lead you to balance your commitments. When we follow our guidance, we bring our mindful attention to each commitment, so that the time and energy we give each one is always our highest and best. Our inner sense of direction will generate win-win solutions to any problems that we face.
  3. Our feelings of overwhelm and stress often come from disempowering attitudes and beliefs that we hold about ourselves. It is so important that we let these feelings go. In my book Spiritual intelligence in Leadership there is a clearing process to release these limiting beliefs. This comes with a free audio download.

Once cleared, we will be less stressed and more valued and appreciated, and we will better recognise our own talents. We will no longer under-estimate our abilities and the value of our products and services..

Many business owners I have worked with suffer from these feelings, yet with help and support to let these feelings go, they are able to see their True value and worth and act accordingly.

When we follow our Spiritual Intelligence, we are aligned with the highest and best within ourselves and this brings a peaceful awareness to all that we do. This part of us remains calm and brings a sense of harmony into our busy lives. The more we are connected to this Truth, the more loving awareness we bring to both our business and our family and friends. Your Spiritual Intelligence is with you to guide you to this Truth and allow you to live a full life as both a mother and an entrepreneur.

About Sarah Alexander

Sarah is an expert in Spiritual Intelligence. She has worked with 100s of business owners and leaders worldwide, guiding them to use their inner Intelligence to make the most of their life’s work. Sarah has used Spiritual Intelligence successfully to build her first business, which she sold in 2001. She then used it again to build her current business, which helps business executives, international sports competitors and entrepreneurs, become even more successful. ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Leadership’ is Sarah’s second book. Her first is ‘Spiritual Intelligence in Business: the Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success’ Both are available from Amazon, all good book retailers and

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