World’s First Ever Crowdfunding Platform For Mumpreneurs Launches

Press Picture_Babou_startuplabThe world’s first ever crowdfunding platform dedicated to helping aspiring and existing mumpreneurs raise the necessary funds to further their business ambitions has launched. The platform is built on a core belief that female entrepreneurship is no longer a gender issue but an economic issue.

Inspiring, aspirational and ambitious, Mums Mean Business is dedicated to the support and advancement of the Global Mumpreneur Movement. Innovative and empowering, Mums Mean Business couples crowdfunding with a host of professional mentoring and business tools to help mums serious about business access both peer-to-peer investment and the resources necessary to start and grow a successful and sustainable enterprise.It addresses three key challenges faced by female entrepreneurs today; access to finance, access to knowledge and access to inspirational rolemodels.

Eschewing the notion that mumpreneur is a default term for at home kitchen table enterprise focusing on parent and child products, Mums Mean Business has a wide remit.  It wants to harness collective resources and invest in women, believing it can affect social and economic change at a local, national and global level. It is passionate about helping any working mum and would-be entrepreneur to finance their commercial ambitions.

One of the features unique to the crowdfunding platform is its stellar support network and mentoring sessions. It will provide free mentoring sessions for a year to all first time mumpreneurs whose pitches are successful. By providing female entrepreneurs with much needed guidance in their critical first year of business, Mums Mean Business is creating a framework for success.


The site was founded by British/Congolese mother and entrepreneur, Babou Olengha-Aaby. She said,“Female entrepreneurship is not a gender issue. It is an economic issue. Mums Mean Business was conceived as a place to inspire mums and to be inspired by mums. It will help budding business leaders to harness the power of crowdfunding to finance their new companies, inventions and products.


“It is no secret that investors and angels are often reluctant to invest in female owned enterprises with only 20.3% of European investors and a 1/3 of investors globally choosing to fund female owned businesses. The alternatives to finance for female entrepreneurs are few and far between. In contrast Global Entrepreneurship Monitor figures show that in 2010 alone, 187 million women worldwide started and owned their own business with mothers accounting for the majority. These figures suggest there is a great potential and obvious need for a crowdfunding platform such as ours which is dedicated to providing an alternative and democratic source of funding to entrepreneurial mothers who are often bypassed by traditional lending sources.


“Powered by the growth in female entrepreneurship globally, we believe that the Mumpreneur movement is a movement with staying power, very much in its infancy but growing much like crowdfunding, which has itself exploded in the last two years.”


The Mums Mean Business crowdfunding platform uses an all-or-nothing and rewards based model. This means members of the public can back projects of their choice by pledging a financial investment in return for a selection of rewards. Investment will only be made if the project meets its funding goal within the target funding deadline – this can be set at 30, 60 or 90 days.

To be eligible to start a pitch on Mums Mean Business, project owners are required to be an aspiring or existing mumpreneur, over the age of 18 and a legal resident of an EU member state.  The minimum funding goal for pitches is 5000 euros.

The platform also plans to differentiate itself by providing organizations and professional bodies supporting female entrepreneurs with the option to register for a Creator’s Account. This will host individual mumpreneur pitches started by entrepreneurial mothers from within their member’s base or network.

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