Advice on breastfeeding at work for you and your employer

Accommodating_breastfeeding_in_the_workplace_front_cover1If you breastfeed, you may be worried about going back to work. There is a new guidance leaflet for employers from ACAS which might help you and your employer make it a better experience all round.

ACAS writes, “Government asked Acas to use its expertise in employment relations to develop this short guide to help employers and employees better manage requests to breastfeed in the workplace. In most instances, these requests will be for facilities to express and store milk and time away from work to do so.

“It is good practice for employers to discuss with employees who are still breastfeeding what could reasonably and proportionately be done to facilitate their breastfeeding needs on return to the workplace.

“The guidance sets out what employers are required to do by law and also gives good practice around managing a workplace issue that can be a sensitive and difficult one for an employee to discuss with their employer, but it is an important one to help their transition back to work after maternity leave and also for the wellbeing of both the mother and child.”

Download the leaflet here.

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