Working from home on the rise as women desperately seek balance

BABAH1According to new research in Australia, around one million women run their own businesses, a figure that’s doubled since 2007. More than one in four households now have a female as their major breadwinner. Despite this, women still do the majority of the domestic duties. Cost of living and time constraints mean the traditional 9-5 isn’t viable for them any more.

Business and Baby

But is it actually possible to balance family life with a business at home and be successful? Sarah O’Bryan has fielded this question for many years from family, acquaintances and friends. Her book Business & Baby at Home: A set-up and survival guide for mums (Finch Publishing) is a survival guide for set up and success for women taking on the challenge. The successful graphic designer, and mother of three, agrees it’s no stroll in the park.

“There’s a silent force of mothers in the ’burbs trying to seamlessly align work and motherhood. It can feel very lonely at times, as you’re often powering along by yourself, but there are many of us out there. There’s the bonus of

being able to structure your day around the kid’s schedule. But to succeed, what ever that may mean to you, it definitely requires a lot of passion and hard work,” says Sarah.

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“Rather than bumping your head and learning from mistakes along the way, Business & Baby at Home addresses the need for knowledge; how to set up a business, how to get things done with a baby in your arms, how to balance your time and lack thereof. It is a straightforward guide to getting it right, whether you are the breadwinner for your family or you just want to continue with your career, simultaneously balancing it with parenthood.’

Business & Baby at Home: A set-up and survival guide for mums is available in the UK as an ebook, from Amazon (Kindle, £4.99 at time of writing), the iBookstore (iPad) or KoboBooks (any ereader including Androids which can read an ePub file).

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