Jo Gifford’s Tips for Online Business Success #onlinebusiness

Jo GiffordRe-design your career to fit your life and circumstance
Our lives change as we have families, so expect your career to as well. Take time to re-evaluate how you work, and re-design a way that works for you and for the family as a whole.

Create some smart tech workflows to make the most of your time

Using tech to your advantage can be a real time and sanity saver! There are a whole host of ways to set up smart working, from ways to escape the inbox, to research hacks, quicker responses and smart social media updates.

Be clear on boundaries for yourself and clients

Set boundaries with clients, your working style and expectations to fit your life and family needs. Be clear on how you work and how you interact with people and they will interact accordingly. Boundaries may include email response time, phone availability, and working hours.

Love what you do! It makes it all SO much easier 😉

Doing something you are passionate about makes the juggles and the hustles so much easier.

Use tech to your advantage to optimise meetings and communication time.

If time is of the essence, swap time sucking meetings with Skype and Google Hangout calls. Face to face time can still happen without the expense and childcare juggling required to meet in person. Tech can make out lives easier if we let it!

About Jo:

 Mum of twins and epic juggler, my work is about  helping people work in smarter, creative ways and to get their message out to the world via killer content. Find me on Twitter @dexdiva and on my website

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