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ces loftusI’ve worked in the brand image design business for over 20 years and often my first discussion with clients is a free design consultation over skype. There are some very common topics which crop up and things I find myself advising clients on again and again. Here are my TOP TIPS.

NEW BUSINESS BRANDING – Getting it right!

Go back to basics and really focus on how you want potential customers to “FEEL” when they see your visual branding. The business name, slogan, icons, font, style and colour theme you choose will influence how people perceive your business or products. If you have a clear vision of what you want the brand image to portray then your designer can help you achieve the wow factor you are looking for.

SUB BRANDING – Getting it right!

As many businesses grow and introduce more products or services, they can find it difficult to present their new offerings effectively. Niche marketing works and the more your product or service is positioned to appeal specifically to the right people then the easier it is to make sales. Sub-Branding can be easily recognised, building on the credibility of your main brand image whilst allowing you to design something targeted for a niche audience.


Many businesses are keen to engage with online marketing through social media. Using eye catching and compelling graphics to attract LIKES, SHARES, PINS, RT’s and gain the interest of potential customers and advocates is a fantastic and cost effective form of attraction marketing. As well as sales images, design your brand message, colours and style into ‘no direct sell’ graphics such as TIPS, IDEAS, images that will make people SMILE, QUOTES and QUESTIONS.

CALL TO ACTION – Getting it right!

Lots of businesses want to improve their website without the cost of a total overhaul and there are many ways to do this. Focus on making it easy for the viewer to find what they want on your site. Ensuring compelling copy and eye catching graphics and images work together to encourage the viewer to take action is also a powerful quick fix. Often adding in buttons and the right images dramatically increases click throughs, sign ups, email contact, subscribers and ultimately sales.

COMMUNICATION – Getting it right!

Build on your brand recognition at every opportunity. Make sure your brand colours and style are consistently carried through applied branding whether for print or online use and remember to include your social media contact information so people can find you easily online. Over time you can grow a selection of images, seasonal marketing and niche marketing graphics that seamlessly links to your brand and will help you to reach a wider audience.

DESIGN & MARKETING TIPS BY : Ces Creatively Biz Brand Buzz






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