How do you know if you have an allergy or are intolerant?

YorkTest - Food Intolerance vs Allergy


Do you wonder if some of your health issues, the tiredness or sluggishness that you feel, or even your children’s health issues are down to food intolerance or food allergies?


Food allergies and sensitivity to food has become far more common over the last decade.  Statistics suggest that around 8% of children age 3 and under now have a food allergy.  The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has reported that hospital admissions for food allergies among children have risen in the last 20 years by 500%.

A food allergy occurs when the body’s immune system mistakes a certain type of food as being harmful.  The body then produces antibodies to guard against what it perceives as a harmful danger, this process is known as sensitisation.  At this stage there may be no symptoms displayed.  The next time the food is eaten however the antibodies are produced and symptoms may be experienced.  Food allergies often cause mild reactions although sometimes they can prove fatal.

Food intolerance is not the same as having a food allergy.  An intolerance describes an adverse reaction to foodstuff each time the food is eaten and particularly when eaten in larger quantities.  The immune system however isn’t activated as it is with a food allergy.  Food intolerances occur because the body is unable to deal with certain types of food because it fails to produce enough of a particular enzyme or chemical to cope with digestion.

Always seek professional advice. The infographic above can help you think about whether you have an allergy or intolerance. For more information visit YorkTest for expert advice on food intolerance.”

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