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Google1Industry trade shows are a tried and tested way of successfully launching a new product and of gaining customer interest, but there are certain Do’s and Don’ts of a trade show that can make or break your experience there.

  1. Don’t Scrimp on Design Costs

It’s worth investing in a high quality design and a few reusable banner stands as a foundation to your pitching space. Pixilated images will conjure assumptions of low budgets and unprofessionalism and shoddy, half broken display accents will not only confirm these assumptions, but will really try your patience at the beginning of the day. Having high quality display pieces that you know how to put up and take down will make all the difference.

  1. Don’t Be a Lone Wolf

Trade shows are extremely sociable events, and you will look better engaging in conversation with those around you than standing sullenly alone looking at  your phone. Make eye contact, be friendly and smile, both with potential customers and with people working your neighbouring stalls. It’ll make the day more interesting, and they might be kind enough to watch your stall whilst you go to the bathroom or to grab a coffee.

  1. Do Be Realistic

Research your trade show. You need to know how big and where your space is, how to publicise, who your competitors at the show will be and what tactics have been successful at previous events. Find out about everything you can, from food to parking. As long as you’re clued in, there won’t be any nasty surprises such as one less table than expected or a competitor giving away better deals or more freebies than you.

  1. Do Dress Right

You want to be professional yet approachable and prepared for the elements. Make sure you have a clean and ironsedsuit, shirt and/or dress that fits you well. There is nothing worse than a man with ankle swingers or a woman uncomfortably and repeatedly tugging the bottom of her skirt down. Finding the balance between elegance and comfort is more doable than you might think, and the snappiest dressers know that they often come hand in hand. Make sure you have a smart coat in case of any vicious draughts and you’re good to go.

So, if you are confident in your display materials and dress, it’s going to be easier to put your best face forward and make the most of every trade show you attend.

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