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BB_Headshot2 (2)As a working parent I’m well aware of the added pressures we experience, trying to juggle school drop offs, afterschool clubs, friend’s parties, food shopping, housework, career development and trying to find time to keep fit, it’s with no surprise that stress for working families is on the increase; and a successful work-life balance is now harder to achieve than ever before.

Trying to manage your stress levels and keep a functioning home is tough, and you’re not alone…

It’s reported that over 500,000 people are believed to be suffering from work-related stress in the UK and they take 6.5 million days off sick every year.

If you’re working flat out and in need of some pointers then these five ways to stress less for working mums’ may just help…

Share your stressors – stress isn’t a weakness like we are lead to believe, it doesn’t need a pill or some form of medical adjustment – it’s a naturally occurring state that allows us to function at a higher level of responsiveness. Which is why taking the help of advanced hypnosis training can help in uplifting the mood in a big way, which can then result in a better state of mind.

If you’re having issues relating to your child then communication is the key. You’re not alone; so avoid the temptation to deal with it in this way. Discuss your stressors with other parents and open yourself up to alternative ways of dealing with stressful situations – the more you discuss parenting, the more you will understand that perfection is hard to achieve when dealing with a child’s perception of the world.

Bonetti_How_12.pdfGet out and get fit – exercise is a great way to kick-start those naturally occurring stress busting chemicals, a simple afternoon jog or spin class is all that is needed. If fitness isn’t your thing then consider yoga or a mediation class; at least three times per week.

This small amount of time away boosts positive emotions, reduces stress levels, and complements an overall healthier lifestyle.

Document your thoughts – Rational thinking when stress levels are high is something that most are yet to master. We’ve all been in those situations where the day hasn’t panned-out, and then we are required as parents to deal with a tired child with homework, while cooking dinner.

In times like this, it’s good to keep a diary or notepad to hand, and jot down any stressors while they are fresh. Once that environmental stressor has ended then refer back and read aloud, asking yourself internally “how could have I dealt with that situation without stress”. This is a great resolution exercise that can put almost every stressful situation into perspective.

Clean up your diet – it’s a massive temptation to grab-something-on-the-go to help release the pressures of time at home, however this is a huge stress busting no-no. Your diet is essentially what keeps you going and fuels your ability to perform under those stressful situations, by failing to provide yourself with food dense in supportive minerals and nutrients you are failing your ability to stress less.

Over the coming weeks wean yourself off all processed foods, refined sugars and stimulants, and increase your intake of wholefoods rich in omega’s and minerals, and detoxifying liquids such as herbal teas and water.

ZZZZZZ – A good night’ssleep and parenting usually do not go hand-in-hand, however stress reduction requires quality, undisturbed sleep. If you’re not getting at least seven hours per night then you need to take action today. Increase your time without technology, read before bed, remove all stimulants such as coffee or energy drinks from your diet, black out your room, and hypnosis are all things that promote quality sleep.

If you’re feeling burnt out then take action today, the longer you delay rest, recovery and some well-deserved rejuvenation the longer it will take to get your stress levels back on track.

Benjamin Bonetti’s book How to Stress Less: Simple Ways to Stop Worrying and Take Control of Your Future is due to be published by Capstone in September, priced £10.99. www.benjaminbonetti.com

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