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9311173009_8d143dc01a_zIt’s easy to think of managed cloud services as being a very modern phenomenon, when in fact a huge number of the email clients that are on the market have been based on the same principle for years. Services such as Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live and Gmail are all essentially cloud-based applications, since the service and data is being hosted online.

While these services are mostly for personal use, a growing number of businesses are now switching to cloud email services for the benefits they provide.

What are the benefits of cloud email?

When it comes to business email, cloud computing has a lot more to offer than just storage. While large storage space is obviously a key benefit, there are other reasons why you should consider migrating your email to the cloud. These include:

  • Remote Access – Remote access is always a key benefit for any type of business application but when it comes to emails it’s invaluable. With an increasing number of organisations offering flexible working hours to their employees, it’s more important than ever for each person in your business to be able to access their emails from anywhere, at any time.
  • Easy Collaboration – Another area where email in the cloud shines is collaboration. Most organisations now encourage a high degree of collaboration on projects, and knowing that all employees can access emails from anywhere means that everyone is up-to-date and can contribute fully. Being able to send large, media-rich emails also helps a good deal with collaboration.
  • No Server Maintenance – Server maintenance is something that any company that uses its own in-house email server needs to think about. As your business expands, the cost of adding and maintaining servers can soon add up. With cloud email, your costs are fixed and server maintenance is no longer something you have to concern yourself with, as this will be handled by your service provider.

Choosing a cloud email provider

When choosing a cloud email provider there are certain key things to look for. First and foremost is security. Since emails will often contain sensitive data, you need to be sure that any service you consider offers a high level of security that makes it suitable for use in large businesses, google cloud interconnection is a great option for large enterprises.

Next is the number of features that are offered. Depending on the size of your organisation, you may need an email service that comes with a lot of features such as the ability to send very large attachments and unlimited archiving. Canadian Dedicated Servers are the best choice as it combines the dedicated and virtual server all in one affordable price.

Cloud email by Mimecast is one of the most popular email archiving services,  that comes with benefits such as bottomless mailboxes, real-time search and mobile access.

Over the next few years, the popularity of cloud applications and in particular, cloud email, is only set to increase. The number of benefits provided by web-based applications makes them a very appealing prospect for business owners who want to increase efficiency and reduce IT expenditure. You can ensure that your business stays relevant by adopting the latest technology and making sure that your employees are well-trained using it.


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