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9311173009_8d143dc01a_zIt can be hard to find time to shop around for utilities when you are a busy working parent or run your own business. It’s well worth doing it every so often, however, as staying on top of costs like these can help the family and business budget.

Over the summer we’ve noticed our broadband usage rocket. With an eight year old, a twelve year old and a five year old, everyone can use the internet now – the youngest even talks about vlogs and whether he can get a wifi connection. Beyond that, I work from home. A combination of social media consultancy and online research makes a good internet connection vital, with the capacity to download a lot!

Having done a bit of research, there are plenty of deals out there. I used this site to compare broadband deals because our usage has crept up, it’s got gradually more and more expensive, and we could save an enormous amount by switching. Here are some tips that might help you switch broadband too.

  1. Check your current usage – you may be surprised that you use more or less than you imagine, and if you have an ‘unlimited’ deal you may not be aware of what you are paying for.
  2. Look for a broadband comparison site to make it easy to compare deals.
  3. Different deals are available in different areas – you may want to search by postcode. This will also give you an idea of the download speed on offer in your area.
  4. Compare not just cost but the usage on offer and speed  … and remember that the speed quoted is often the speed up to which you can download, it’s not guaranteed.
  5. Check what ‘unlimited’ actually means as it can be different for different providers.
  6. Look at ‘add ons’ like telephone and television services as these can add to your savings.
  7. See how long you are committed for, and what happens if you want to get out of the contract early for any reason.
  8. Always remember to check if your current provider can offer you a better deal. Once you have shopped around and got a quote for a better price you may find that your current provider can switch you to a better tariff or  give you a discount.
  9. Finally, always check the small print before signing!

I hope these tips will help you compare broadband providers.

This post is in association with Broadband Choices

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